Reiki and Discussion: Twin Pillars Of Contentment

Happiness is a quintessentially ephemeral emotion.

That’s what I try to tell my clients who come to weekly, sometimes twice weekly, sessions – complaining that the treatment they’re receiving (in combination with the dietary plan and meditation tips) is not leaving them with the requisite amount of happiness that they were expecting.

stressedI understand that the idea of a quick fix, in terms of personal contentment, is seductive. The desire to attain this pinnacle of happiness is something that drives people their entire life, forever switching careers or sexual partners, in search for that perfect place of being where they can retire.

Well, I’m sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but there is no perfect place – no ideal situation – where you will feel endlessly content and blissfully happy. There’s no secret formula to this state of being because it simply does not exist.

Obviously, I try not to tell my clients this on their first day of treatment.

I’ve been practising reiki, or some other form of faith healing, for the past decade. The one defining characteristic that has linked together all of my clients is the deep well of sadness and essential feeling of ‘incompleteness’, Although they might initially come to me with complaining of specific ailments, such as sore backs or neck injuries, after some time on the bed they soon reveal the true nature of their state of unhappiness.

fh_092010_001Humans are uniquely confusing beings. Blessed with intelligence, yet cursed by our conscious minds, some of us find to trouble in attaining a sense of calm amidst the chaos. Others though, assaulted by the seemingly random course of events that can shape entire lives, shrink away from this irascible nature and become timid, insecure creatures. Trapped inside their own minds, they might find it difficult to engage in social conversation – as they are too busy holding a conversation inside their own minds.

Although my form of reiki has been proven to help reduce stress and anxiety, amongst by clients, I often find that it is the conversation that occurs inside these sessions that has the real healing effect. Too often in our lives, we take the easy out. It’s the quick fix for ‘normal’ people to maintain an even keel on a day-to-day basis, keep talk small and impersonal. Do not broach emotional or inflammatory ground, maintain distance from emotion, to avoid triggering any difficult conversations.

In a reiki session, whilst their body is being removed from their physical ailments, I try and push my clients to discuss the taboo subjects that they avoid on a daily basis.

By removing the fear of reproach, the client is free to discuss anything they please – so they leave the session, physically relaxed and mentally free, from any mental baggage that they were holding.

Mmmbop, Blowing Though The Kitchen Like Extractor Fans…

Plant a seed, plant a flower, plant a rose
You can plant any one of those
Keep planting to find out which one grows
It’s a secret no one knows
It’s a secret no one knows
Oh, no one knows

It is, indeed, a secret that no one knows. It breezes and blows through our lives and through our houses, like extractor fans for the kitchen. When I was a small boy it used to get so hot that we’d sit at the exhaust pipe of the extractor fan from our kitchen and we’d feel the blow back of the fan on our faces…


Yeah. That’s a bit like what it was like. We thanked the sweet lord for that extractor fan in our kitchen. We used to tell a joke that went something like this: There’s a man who loves tractors, he read all about them all his childhood. When he gets old enough he does the test to drive them and he passes with flying colours. He becomes a professional tractor driver. Whilst working one day he meets a girl named Mary-Lee who works loading the bales, after a short time of courting they get married in a beautiful ceremony held on the very farm were they met. Mary-Lee has white roses in her light brown hair, the man looks deep into her eyes as he says ‘I do’ and he feels like he understands what love and happinesses truly are. They settle near the farm and a few years later they have their first child, a boy called Matthew. Their young lives are blessed with a beautiful, healthy child that lights up their lives and they quickly have another, a baby girl they name Sandy. Work on the farm was hard, and there were a few lean years, the man would get stressed about money, about whether he could keep his young family going, but when he came home in the evenings and spent time with Mary-Lee, Matthew and Sandy, he always felt blessed, and (almost) always felt nothing but happy and full of and surrounded by love. This was how it appeared. The stress and the worry, though, were weighing on the man. And when he did return to his family, their loveliness and their peace and their innocence only weighed on him more, as he never wanted to bring any negativity into their lives. So he kept it all in, kept it secret, and plastered a smile on his face whenever he walked through the front door. He started spending more time in the small pub on the edge of the farm. Unbeknownst to his wife, his drinking was spiralling out of control. One day he drove the tractor back to the house, his precious tractor, the tractor he was so proud of and still loved so much. He pulled into the drive just in front of Mary-Lee, his wife was in the small car with Matthew and Sandy. He was feeling hazy from the night before, and from the swigs of whisky he’d started taking from the bottle he stashed in the tractor’s cab, he got in and parked up, and jumped out of the cab. He’d done this a thousand times but this time his dungaree’s somehow caught on the hand break as he jumped, yanking it back up. He hit the floor on his knees and banged his head on the wall of the house. Dazed, he felt the tractor moving behind him, rolling backwards, no longer kept in place by the hand break. He looked up just in time to scan back to the rest of his family in the car behind. He looked up just in time to see what was happening. He looked up just in time to look into his wife’s scared eyes. Look into to those eyes he loved, for the last time. The tractor rolled back and crushed them. Delirious, the man ran over to the tractor, trying to push it off the crushed car, he fell to the floor and wept. The tractor sat there, uncaring, on top of the corpses of his wife and his two young children. Mary-Lee, Matthew and Sandy. Over the next year the man became a hopeless alcoholic, wrecked with guilt over what had happened to his family. He swore never to drive a tractor again, and came to blame tractors themselves for the tragedy. He hated tractors, the very things he had loved. He had nothing left: the family he had loved was dead and the tractors he had loved now filled him with pain and anger whenever he thought of them. Vilified by the farm community, he was demoted to maintaining the pig sties, effectively shovelling shit for hours, day and night. He was the only person who had to work at night, something to do with the sleeping habits of the pigs. Every night he would drink, and shovel shit in the cold, dark night. This was his lowest ebb, this his most demeaning job, but it would lead to his redemption. For he was the only one up at night, on the one night that mattered. He was the first to see the flames. The main house had caught fire, a farm hand had fell asleep with his cigarette still lit in his hand. The man ran out and saw the house with flames licking out of the windows, and smoke filling the rooms. He ran in.


Hours later, he sat on the back of an ambulance. No one had died in the flames. Miraculously, after the man ran in, smoke seemed to billow faster out of the house, leaving little inside. Due to this many of the potential victims were able to be resuscitated, and brought to safety. He was a hero. He had redeemed himself, he had saved 17 peoples lives. Sitting their with a silver blanket on his solders, the head fireman approached, ‘Sorry sir, I know you must be in shock, but I have to ask: how did you manage to go in their and get all of that smoke out of the house?’ the man, raising his eyes, with tears brimming, turned to the man and simply said: ‘I’m an Ex-tractor fan’.

Spiritual Swimming

Peace can come from all places, at any time, and at all times. Do you want peace? Do you reader? Are you committed? It is not easy you know, finding peace, it takes a long time to achieve inner peace (for a human), it needs work and focus and commitment. So look around you: Are you especially good at working and focussing and committing?????


No? No you’re not? Well then, FUCK OFF! Did you fuck off? No? Good, then you have past the first test. You can go up one wrung. You may not have known these, but Reiki much like all other spiritual practices, whilst being on one hand about how we are all part of one human consciousness, is also about your ability to access that consciousness and those who can access it more than others are better than the others. Hence forth they can put their needs above other peoples needs who have less insight into the global human consciousness. This surprises some people as many are convinced that any perceived arrogance amongst yoga people or people who practice any form of non-western spiritualism is either a) a misconception based on a sense of inferiority in the non-practitioner or b) an accident based on a failure of the practitioner to communicate what it is they practice in an open and un-intimidating way. But all of that is wrong: the arrogance is not incidental or accidental, it is completely essential and integral to the whole practice.  We are better than you, and that’s why we do it.


I swim every day, I’ve just got my own pool built ( and now I swim twice every day. I swim twice everyday because I can. I swim twice everyday because I’m strong and I commit and when I commit I follow through. I swim twice everyday because I’m strong enough to do it. I swim twice everyday because it help my soul, it help my body and it helps my mind. . I swim twice everyday because it makes me better than you.

What do you do?

Disclaimer: Reiki Should Not Stand Alone

Let us just makes something clear here: When we say that there is healing power in Reiki, we are not saying to practice Reiki as an alternative to other treatments and medicines, but alongside other treatments and medicines. There is no need to cut out al other ways of maintaining and improving your health, it is totally fine to do things alongside and in combination with Reiki. If you have muscle tension then Reiki in combination with deep tissue massage because why not? If you have cancer, why only Reiki or only acupuncture or only chemotherapy?

These things do not need to operate alone, the world is one and energy is one and healing power and love is one. You don’t need to shut anything off, you don’t need to say no, why would you say no? Say no and you deny a possibility, an opportunity, say yes and you create a possibility, create an opportunity. Now that is what you want to be doing, that is what the positive philosophy of Buddhism and Reiki is all about.


Perspective creates the world you live in, it can open energies and it can close some of them off. It can make the world that you feel and see and experience completely different if only you are willing to let it do so. Are you willing? Are you ready? Are you into it? Well as you are here I assume that you are at least considering this kind of thing. Well congratulations, you’ve made the first step on the path to recovery and health by coming to this website. You are here now and you are on the journey, it will be a great journey. It will be a journey you can fully absorb yourself in and relish. But you don’t have to drop everything else, you don’t have to stop your other treatments, just bring Reiki into the fold.


How I Came To Reiki… (Part 1)

‘A life is made of many stories, to live them all would take a lifetime..’

Claudia LePouf

As Jason Evans I have lived through many lives, many different stories have made this very storied life. When we look back at our lives we want to force a single story on them, like in the movies and the books, we want our life to have one clear arc, one that leads us through struggle and to redemption. Or something along those lines.


But lives do not have clear arcs, not really, because we are not single things with one state. We live in state of flux at all times, we play a game where the rules, tools and balls are constantly changing. Life is surfing on a waterfall. You will have many experiences, feelings and discoveries that have no connection aside from the fact that they happened to you. But as humans we use stories and narratives to make an actionable interpretation of events. A low harvest becomes an act of god we can rectify with a dance. This story gives us a sense of control that we need to carry on, its ‘truth’ in its claims is irrelevant because its purpose is not to be true, its purpose is to give us the will and strength to continue and not despair. And it works.


So, are horoscopes ‘true’? Are star signs ‘true’? Are tarot card readings ‘true’? Well, they make to claims, these practices, they claim one type of truth in the seeming reality of their connection to a truth bigger than ourselves, this is simply a deference to a higher authority because people don’t trust the claims of just some other human. So, that’s one claim: that we have access to some higher, non-human source of truth. The other claim is this: we will help you, this process will help you, through this process you will access some knowledge and realisations that you can use to understand and improve your life.


(To be continued…)